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Synergies & mutualizations

Broadcast of Canal 32 (may 2006)  - 

Article from L'Aube Nouvelle (#60, summer 2007)  - 

Since its informal birth, the Industrial Ecology Club of Aube has instigate the setting of a first industrial ecology synergy concerning a stock of 10 000 to 15 000 tons/year of sand that comes from the washing of sugar beets at Cristal Union (sugar factory of Arcis sur Aube, at the north of the department - France). Until then, the sand was spread out on the surrounding fields in a 30 km radius.

Two systems that were ignoring each other

Today, it is used by a building-industry company, Appia Champagne, in substitution of quarry material. This synergy is even more interesting when it comes from a simple discussion between two actors that met each other within the framework of the IECA. That is why, in a way to favour exchanges and communication between the different economical actors, the Club is attached to its regular meetings between its members and other actors interested in the stakes of sustainable development.

Today, synergy between Cristal Union and Appia Champagne


Setting industrial ecology synergies and mutualizations is conditioned by sensitization of people to the stakes of sustainable development. That is why, the Industrial Ecology Club of Aube cares about participating to local events carrying the environment, renewable energy as well as sustainable development as themes.




Presentation of the Industrial Ecology Club of Aube to the elected members of the Conseil Général of Aube (commissions of “Economy” and “Tourism and environment” in January 2007.



Workshop at the "Environmental Day of Aube", organized by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Troyes and Aube, in November 2006.

Forum of the Foires de Champagne 2006 and sensitization of nearly 250 scholars.

Presence of the Industrial Ecology Club of Aube at the 8th regional meeting of environment in Châlons-en-Champagne, in Mars 2006.

The IECA has also participated, in January 2006, to the sensitization of about fifteen farmers of the GDAF (Feminine Agricultural Development Group) of Nogent-sur-Seine and of 25 farmers from the GDA of the Pays d’Othe, at their general meeting, on the subject “Sustainable development, energetic problems and agriculture”.

Organization at the University of technology of Troyes of a meeting on the role of ADEME (French environmental agency) towards the industrials and the local governments, in 2005.

The IECA at the Foire de la Saint-Simon, on the 23rd of October 2005, on the invitation of Nogent-sur-Seine.

Conference on sustainable development at the Conference of development of the Chamber of Agriculture of Aube, in 2005.

Participation of the IECA at the Village of Sustainable Development 2005, at the U.T.T., recognized by the French Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development.

Foires de Champagne 2005.

Workshop at the "Environmental Day of Aube", organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aube, in November 2004.