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Assessment group “hydric synergies”

Inside this assessment group, researches are focused on water re-use and treatment coming from the sauerkraut factories (water, fattened water, wastewater, drinking water, etc.) and the food industries of the department.

Assessment group “textile industries' wastes synergies”

The work related to this assessment group is about the potential transformation of the wastes issued from textile industries into a packaging material for other industrials. The amount of these wastes is estimated to be around 300 tons/year, allowing a production of packaging material from 500 000 to 1 000 000 sq. meters.

When the technical and economical feasibilities of this synergy will be validated, the work on its setting will be lead (collect, transport, transformation, sale, etc.)

Assessment group “plastics synergies”

Through this thematic, it is first about evaluating the potential of such assessment group. For this, the IECA started gathering data related to the exchanges of plastics of a few industrials of the department.

Then, if the potential is sufficient, an assessment group will be created in order to launch a thinking process on how to set synergies between the industrials, in order to correlate the offer and the demand.

ARPEGE project of the ANR (National Research Agency)

The U.T.T., via the CREIDD (its research lab on sustainable development), has answered to the call for propositions of the ANR (2006) entitled “Prospective reflection workshop on industrial ecology” in support of the Ecotechnology and Lasting Development Program (PRECODD). For this project, a consortium, with the Industrial Ecology Club of Aube, was formed and retained by the ANR.

Visit the internet web site dedicated to the workshop :

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